Keep The Cold Weather Where It Belongs…………….OUTSIDE!

Keep The Cold Weather Where It Belongs…………….OUTSIDE!

BRRRRRRRRRRR, It’s been cold, very harsh cold weather for Louisiana and the rest of the South. Normally it’s the summer that causes Energy Bills to rise but this year  there are going to be some terrible surprises when many residents open there Utility Bills. Right now, our goal is to help you keep cold weather where it belongs………….OUTSIDE!

If you home wasn’t built within the last 10 years or so, you may be experiencing higher Utility Bills, trouble keeping your home warm or more specifically, warming certain rooms.

Homes experience heat loss, inconsistent temps throughout the home, lack of air flow from central heating, a drafts that can chill you to the bone. There are many reasons for these conditions including: inadequate insulation, leaky AC duct work, air leakage, older windows, damaged weather-stripping around doors, no anti-backdraft dampers on vent fans, and on and on.

Our expertise is the ability to view your home form a holistic standpoint, test and identify all of the conditions that contribute to higher bills, diminished comfort and shortened life of your AC/Heating System. Once the conditions are identified we supply you with a list of recommendations that, if implemented, will make a quantifiable difference in your Energy Bills and the comfort of your home.

Asyndant Energy is dedicated to performing quality work and offering simple do-it-yourself recommendations to help make energy efficiency affordable and achievable.

It won’t be long before we are simmering in the steamy summer heat and all memories of the recent cold weather will be replaced with a longing for cool less humid weather. Our measures and services work in all seasons to provide you with a more comfortable home and lower Energy Bills.

Get out in front of the weather, have you home inspected and audited to find out where you stand.

Through February 15th a comprehensive visual inspection of your home with basic recommendations is only $49. To take advantage of this offer simply fill out the form and submit your information and we will schedule a time to come out and inspect your home.

This is a leaky collar where duct work connects to the supply plenum of a Central AC System

Properly sealed duct work. Sealed with fibrous mastic hard cast.