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About Us

At Asyndant Energy, we are dedicated to transforming the way you experience energy consumption and comfort within your living spaces. Our mission is simple yet impactful: to help you achieve lower energy bills while living more comfortably. Through our cutting-edge services and customer-centric approach, we’re reshaping the way people perceive and utilize energy in their homes.

We understand the financial strain that high energy bills can bring. That’s why we’ve made it our priority to provide you with innovative solutions that lead to significant energy savings. By identifying areas of energy wastage and implementing strategic measures, we empower you to take control of your energy consumption, resulting in tangible reductions in your monthly bills.


Our Most Popular Services

Air Sealing & Duct Sealing

Air sealing and duct sealing are the two most common services that we perform. These are where the real money savings usually occur. It’s all about keeping conditioned and unconditioned air where they belong.

Combustion Analysis

Combustion analysis is performed on gas firing appliances that are within conditioned space. These tests measure how much Carbon Monoxide (CO) is being produced, how well the CO and flue gasses draft through the vent pipe, and how much CO is “spilling.”

Thermal Imaging Services

Using Infrared Cameras, we can accurately identify & troubleshoot several building issues. These issues including outside air infiltration, missing insulation, disconnected HVAC ducts, and even hidden water leaks.

Duct Blaster Testing

Using specialized equipment, we can pinpoint where you’re AC is losing expensive air. Essentially, this test determines how leaky you HVAC ducts are. These test results reveal why your system is struggling to keep up.

Adding Insulation in Attic

Your attic insulation level is one of the most critical factors in your homes energy efficiency and comfort level. Let us come determine a cost effective route to reduce your summer cooling loads.

Blower Door Testing

A Blower Door test measures the air-tightness of your home. This test exaggerates air leaks in your home to a standard pressure, which allows us to walk around and feel infiltration points.

What Our Customers Say

Lets Get Your Home Ready to Fight the Heat this Summer, and Win! Call today to schedule your $99 Home Energy Analysis!!

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