Our services to combat the heat range from, Adding Insulation in the Attic, Attic Tents, Blower Door Testing and air Sealing, Duct Blaster Testing & Duct Sealing, Thermal Imaging Services and more. What are our services about? Here is a brief summary of each one.

Adding Insulation in the Attic

This service involves adding or upgrading insulation in the attic space to improve energy efficiency and maintain a comfortable indoor temperature. Proper attic insulation helps in reducing energy consumption and lowering utility costs.

Attic Tents

Attic tents are installed in attic access points (such as attic doors or hatches) to provide an airtight seal, preventing air leakage between the living space and the attic. They contribute to better insulation and energy conservation by sealing gaps.

Blower Door Testing and Air Sealing:

Blower door testing is a diagnostic procedure that identifies air leaks in a home by creating pressure differences. This test helps pinpoint areas where air is escaping or entering the house. Air sealing involves sealing these leaks to enhance energy efficiency and indoor comfort.

Duct Blaster Testing & Duct Sealing

Duct blaster testing assesses the airtightness of a home's ductwork. It identifies leaks and inefficiencies in the duct system. Duct sealing involves repairing or sealing these leaks to improve heating and cooling system performance, ultimately saving energy and reducing utility bills.

Thermal Imaging Services

Thermal imaging involves using infrared cameras to detect temperature variations and heat loss or gain in a building. This service helps identify insulation deficiencies, air leaks, and other thermal irregularities, enabling targeted improvements to enhance energy efficiency and comfort within the home.

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